Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dream Diary


                                                    Dream Diary
"Fear is most damnable and damaging thing to human being"


         My whole family members had come together for a small family dinner and i was amidst them talking to all simultaneously. some of us were watching television. You know it gives us different feeling when we are with family members.Every body was busy talking to each other after longtime and i could see smile and grin on many faces of my siblings.It was moment of being complete.
        All of sudden my eldest brother received a call from abroad and told him that US was going to rage war against some countries. When my brother was done talking over phone, his delightful face had changed into remorse. 
        Just then there was an announcement in television by UK prime minister along with many other world leaders that World WAR is going to start today. We could see those leaders were angry at each other and were abusing among themselves in television. There was chaos. Chill ran down on all of our spine. We were astounded and gobsmacked totally. It was such a terrifying moment for all human beings. In mean time  many thoughts rushed to my mind, actually of those atomic and nuclear power weapon that the powerful countries possess.My eldest brother told us to get ready and prepare ourselves for the war.
        I was constantly thinking about my future, jobs, enjoyments,gathering..etc. So far i had done nothing to please my family and now its going to end.i grumbled to God that is not fair. At same time i was damn frightened. my brother was packing things and getting ready the knives.He again shouted,"all of you get ready with defense!". I wished it was just a dream but to no avail. when everybody was ready with things and we discussed about where we want to go. 
        It was tranquil moment  for while and we were calmly sitting without uttering a word. We waited and waited in our balcony. later nothing was happening. my sisters started talking and we thought its never going to happen. Just as we thought we heard a huge blast some miles away with  so much fire flame around it. I shouted, "take care all of you" to my beloved family members. We a saw group of people moving towards to blasted areas. I thought to myself that it was time for me to be a man.
       i went to my room and got myself a brand  new gun...i never thought that where the hell a gun came from. IT was quite heavy and shining with silver. i ran to a crowd and holding my gun like soldier did. People were screaming and running...babies were left alone...it was pathetic scene. "No,i can't" i said to myself and thought i needed to shoot somebody who ever comes on my way. After all its world war. I build up my courage and held my gun. 

        To my surprise, i had no bullets with me and the gun was empty. Its funny i never gave a thought on it before. Perhaps i was over excited to hold Gun beside being first time.Suddenly some people were shooting at me but i managed to escape without injury. I also noticed an army was shooting at me and i was running towards my house. Maybe soldier saw me carrying a gun and thought i was one of  terrorist.
       I was sweating badly and was really scared when i got inside my house. "Now i am sieged" thought to myself then i plunged myself  under blanket on my bed. My mind was blurred and i felt numb under blanket. Moreover i had become chicken. Not knowing what to do next, i pretended sleeping..................................... ..............only to be woken up by alarm ring :) https://www.facebook.com/mjlama